Pineapple Fever has hit.

PineapplePlaidMDEPREI have been tinkering around with a long lived UFO in the studio the last week or so.

On Saturday night I sat down and finally put the graph paper idea in the Pineapple Plaid file (yes each quilt/idea has a file made as soon as it is conceived.  It is truly the only way I can keep a handle on things) into EQ7 and made the quilt digitally.

Not sure what happened with the brown sashing…I thought I was coloring it black so please over look that.

PineapplePlaidPic1Yesterday morning I woke up and just felt the need to “unplug” from the world and just sew…sew…sew.

And so I did.

And now I am more than halfway thru all the blocks…actually darn near close to 3/4’s  so of course I had to jump tracks and start on the sashing.  You know how it is when you get fired up about a quilt again.PineapplePlaidEQpic3
I did some further tweaking of my design on the sashing, coloring them a bit differently.  I like the ends ending in black vs white as shown in the digital image above.   So I went in this morning and tweaked the EQ file.   I also think I am going to go with a robin’s egg blue for the cornerstones and outer border.   But that is still up in the air.  Yes I am thinking a solid border.  This quilt might need it with so much going on in the center.  Again…still up in the air.   But here  is the new digital quilt ….so far.

I am back in the studio for a full day of sewing today.

Tonight I start to bake the Christmas Cookies.  I have seven different recipes to get thru.  It will be one or two cookie batches daily for the week.

Going to go draw and post the Day 10 winners on the blog in a few minutes.

Also tonight I will put up a post with all the outstanding winners from the “10 days of Swag Giveaway”.   My hope is to get everyone’s snail mail addy by Tuesday night for one more trip to the post office before the holidays!

Enjoy your day,


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8 Responses to “Pineapple Fever has hit.”

  1. MCapps1999 says:

    Loving the way this is looking!

  2. Gwen W says:

    Great idea – love pineapples!

  3. Judy D in WA says:

    I love EQ7! It’s the one of my favorite quilting tools.
    I have questions. When you started your pineapple blocks, did you make them light blocks and dark blocks? Or did that happen after you started the project again? Whichever, this design is fabulous and different and fun! I like reading about the process of a new quilt.

  4. Esther says:

    Love all-things-pineapple, however they require so much piecing that I haven’t started one yet. Perhaps a master plan and completing one block/ month is a plan for ’14.

  5. Kay Holm says:

    I love this quilt. I am going to have to try the pineapple blocks. Is it the same as the one on Bonnie’s blog?

  6. Kay Holm says:

    By the way, I love the verification by easy addition questions. It is so much better than trying to figure out those awful wiggly wavy out of focus verifications. Yes I am a human but I can’t read that stuff!

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