OOPS! Wrong Book!

Pieced HexiesThere was a little snafu today.   In defense of the KCStar shipping warehouse they were hustling to get my order of Pieced Hexies Deux out to me ASAP knowing that I am out the door for an event on Thursday.

Mr UPS pulled up in front of the house and literally at the same time my phone was ringing with a call from the warehouse as they just realized they sent the wrong book.  They guys in the warehouse grabbed Pieced Hexies boxes vs Pieced Hexies Deux.

So now I have a wall of Pieced Hexies cases.

A plan was hatched.

The cost to ship all these cases back would become cost prohibitive.  So I am running an “OOPS! They shipped the wrong books sale!”  I’d rather give quilters the lemonade from this snafu.  untitled

The price of the book is dropped to $19.00 on my website until they are gone.

YES cheaper then Amazon!

AND if you purchase 3+ of any books (as long as Pieced Hexies is at least one) or Pieced Hexies and it’s coordinating Template Set,   I will throw in free shipping (that will come by the way of a reimbursement of the shipping cost after the purchase…the easiest way to do this offer with PayPal).  Just mention OOPS sale in the memo part on the PayPal slip when making your purchase.

So if your looking to get a book ,why not ask a friend if they want one to, and/or buy one for your local guild library?   Don’t forget to check out all the free Pieced Hexies Star and Diamond patterns on my PDF page.

If your a guild I’m coming to and I bring one of these cases (marked them all with a red x) then you will get this special price when I am there.   This price will hold until the cases are gone.

And I am truly hoping that won’t take long as the same number of cases of Pieced Hexies DEUX are now on their way to my front step hopefully within a few days.

Please pass on this info to anyone who might be interested.   I need to be able to see my desk again in the office by spring..I hope.





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  1. I feel your pain the same thing happened to us at Yoder Department Store. Can’t wait to see you!

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