New Free PDF Pattern – Blueberry Spice!

To chase away any Friday the 13th negativity!


I added the PDF for this wall hanging pattern called Blueberry Spice on my FREE PDF page.  Just look at the top of this page for the link. Vlick on BLUEBERRY SPICE under the Quilt Pattern category and you will be able to download it.

This pattern will be added as a 6 hour workshop also.    I am also contemplating making it nine times for a large quilt…..hmmmm.

I need 48 hours in each day…but then I know you all do to.

Piece on!


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4 Responses to “New Free PDF Pattern – Blueberry Spice!”

  1. Carole Sullivan says:

    very nice

  2. Becky Lomasney says:

    Thanks, this is great.

  3. Genee Davis says:

    I do have to say….you do keep us up on simple math skills! Lol ♡ love this quilt! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Nice pattern Mickey – would those white squares fit some pieced Hexies in them? That would make it extra cute!

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