Jackpot in Benton!

Cathy and I hit the road at 7am this morn to make the trek pilgrimage to Paducah.

We will be helping out Paper Pieces.com with their dual booths this year!

I will be in the convention booth everyday from 9:30am to 1pm so stop by and say “Hi”.   Happy to sign books!

Back to our drive down.

Of course there was a stop at the Cracker Barrel in Effingham….tradition.

Since we weren’t expected to report for duty until Tuesday we had the entire day to “get to Paducah”…and that means Antique Malls are going to be explored.

Three treasures have been found.

#1 This 30s octagon top will gain and border and quilting by summer’s end.


Sorry the room is dark…better pics when home.

Close up


#2.  These five 30’s blocks were adopted.  I have an idea.


#3 And then we hit Benton, Il and it’s 4 antique malls around the town square.

Store #3 had a booth that stopped us in our tracks.


Oh my.

And then I spotted this bag on the floor.


$10.  Weighs approx 20-25 pounds.

I looked inside and nearly keeled over.


I am in 30s/40s scrap heaven.

I also bought 5 yards of vintage background for another $10.


According to Cathy I skipped out of the store.

Feet up and chocolate croissant time.
Tomorrow is another adventure on the horizon.

Happy Girl in Paducah,


6 Responses to “Jackpot in Benton!”

  1. Mary says:

    Drool, drool,drool. What a wonderful find. Can’t wait to see the beauties you make with that

  2. Christy L says:

    Happy~Happy~Joy~Joy!! =}

  3. Maggie Szafranski says:

    Oh my goodness! And I passed all that up!

  4. Judy D in WA says:

    Oh my, oh my! True treasures.

  5. Holly in VA says:

    As my husband says “You never know what you’re going to find!” and what a find you found! Awesome!!

  6. Suellen Dehnke says:

    I read this last night and then had to come back today for a second peek. Oh how I would love to get my hands on that.

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