Happy! that Wheels are Turning!

Whew!  I finally feel like I have gotten my bearings this year and things are starting to get done around here.

Well around here meaning on the website.

There is still a page length of “to-do” items on my desk but this is down from the THREE pages that I started the day with yesterday!

One thing that happened a bit over a week ago was the addition of the sign up form (look to your right it’s right there!) for the monthly newsletter that is on the horizon.   This is Emily’s (dear daughter) brainchild and since she will be visiting later this week I am hoping we can put all our ideas into motion and see the first newsletter in February.

One thing that the newsletter will do is give you a 3-4 month heads up on my schedule.

…and rumor has it there may be a free pattern, block, quilt, pillow, table runner, stuffed in there.   You will have to sign up to see!CastleWallBlock1

Another major thing that got done on the to-do list was all the workshop supply lists were “revamped”.   Several workshops are retiring to give room for the 10+ new workshops I will be adding over the course of the next three months.   Don’t worry if your guild as a soon to be retired workshop on their contract I will still teach it …I just won’t book the retiring workshops anymore.


And WOW!  Castle Wall – The Block is truly pulling out ahead in my most popular workshop.   In fact I put in queue this week the making of 3-5 more samples as more are needed.  THANK YOU!

I am so happy that so many are loving the idea of slowing down and enjoying some hand piecing of this wonderful block.   And if your a Facebook  friend you have been seeing the sharing of blocks over there.  One thing that is still on the to-do list is to make a gallery page of everyone’s Castle Wall Blocks to share here on the website.   I some time home in the month of February so hoping to get that “To-DONE”.

And finally yesterday there was some updating of the web store with items that I have been wanting to add since before Christmas.  I can hardly believe myself that February is less than a week away.


Here are the new items in the store.

Castle Wall EPP 6 blocksKaren Kay Buckley Perfect PinsEasy Angle Rulers













.  AND

the pattern for HAPPY! is also in the store

Happy! Pattern

I received word from my publisher that it will be shipping to me next week so if you would like to receive a copy in the first mailing out on February 10th place your order now!

Happy! will also be a 6HR workshop.

I am thinking today I am going to spend some time putting needle thru fabric both by machine and hand.  I have Season 7 of Mad Men in queue on Amazon and I think I just need to slow down myself and enjoy the day.

For my east coast friends…I hear it’s time to bunker down as mother nature is going to be blowing hard and furious with the snow these next few days.  I am jealous.  Our snowfall here this winter has been nada.  I raise my coffee mug to you today….why don’t you join me in a day of sewing and enjoy the “pieceful” calm that a blanket of snow brings.

Take Care,






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11 Responses to “Happy! that Wheels are Turning!”

  1. Maggie Szafranski says:

    Good going on accomplishing all that stuff!

  2. Debbie Gallett says:

    I will have to try Karen K Buckley’s pins. I love her scissors.

  3. Terri E says:

    So glad you have some time at home this week and a visit with Emily! Hope Molly is feeling better. I can’t wait for your first newsletter. 🙂

  4. Mary Anne says:

    Your newsletter form will not allow my Canadian postal code.

  5. Betty Harden says:

    Love Castle Wall block. Got to get some of these paper pieces to make them and your new pattern. Will order later. Good job!

  6. I am trying to join your web site but keep getting asked for 5 digits in my Zip code. We have 6 digits in our zip code. Can you help me here…thanks.
    Hugs Marg.

    • Mickey says:

      Marg I do believe you can skip the zip code part and just enter the other info…if you don’t mind please give it a try and let me know at mickey(at)MDQuilts.com your findings. Thanks!

  7. I see in an above another from Canada has had the same problem! It’s not just me! Hugs Marg.

  8. Hedy says:

    I just signed up for your newsletter and saw the Happy quilt pattern. Since I also saw that you do PP, I am wondering if the Happy quilt is a PP pattern ? I am not into PP at all but I love the quilt and would love to make it, IF it is not PP. Thanks.

    • Mickey says:

      Hi Hedy,
      WELCOME! Happy! is a traditionally pieced pattern and not English Paper Piecing. You will find that I am a bird of many feathers and enjoy many different avenues of quiltmaking. 🙂

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