Cowboys & Indians and a mystery

Just before I left for North Carolina my mailman delivered two new additions for the Depre Quilt Museum.

I had to have this hexie quilt.  Masculine hexie quilts are hard to come by and this one just screams “little boy”

Look at the darling 50s cowboy print throughout.  It is just the right size for a 4 year old’s nap and the fort in the living room.

I am loving the setting.  But I would never tackle a binding of a hexie quilt by going around each and every hexie.  For me it’s either applique to a straight border or cut it straight.  This lady is am better quilter than I.


Mr. Mailman also brought this treasure.  Just a top.  It was a steal at less than $25.  A very plain quilt top but with lots of clues to investigate.







What do you think these initials are”?


But the 1937 is clear as day and that makes me smile.

I might make some Pieced Hexies in my 30’s repros and applique them to the open white blocks and of course it will be quilted.   I am a big believer that quilting the top will provide it a longer life.  I will document that I added my hexie rosettes on the labeling so 100 years from now someone will realize this quilt spanned 76 years.

I wonder if Dorothy, Clark, Donald and Ralph would think that was a grand idea?

Today I travel home from spending time in North Carolina, first teaching at the retreat and then three days of sewing with Bonnie.   Ideas have been hatched, things are happening, projects have been worked on.   But the best part is the laughter.  We have laughed and laughed and laughed.

It has been a very good week.

Enjoy your day,


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  1. Sharon - IN says:

    What great finds!

    I have a signature top that was made by the ladies of the church my grandmother attended. Apparently it was a fundraiser. People paid to have their signature embroidered on the top. It was never quilted. Grandmother was born in 1893, I don’t recall the date on the top, if there is one. Could UHL be church initials?

  2. Ann Parks says:

    Is it an ‘L’ or is it an ‘I’? I also think it might be a quilt made by a church, either for a fundraiser or a gift to a pastor. I like your plans for it! I also like the western themed quilt! A great find! So glad you and Bonnie had some time to relax and sew! The retreat was great fun but tiring for students, teachers and organizers! Thanks for coming to teach!

  3. Wonderful quilts! I thought it was an ‘I’ too. The floral fabric is so beautiful.

  4. Check the 1940 census records on for the names in the quilts. It may give you a place for the origin of the quilt. They will probably all be living in or near the same community.

    Good luck.

  5. Grit says:

    Wonderful quilts.

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