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Let’s Retreat at Missouri Star Quilt Company!

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Yes, you read that right…Missouri Star Quilt Company!


Join me for 4 days/3 nights of quilty fun Wednesday, August 31st to Saturday, September 3rd.

Hugs&KissesPicPromoIt will be an open sew format with two days (Thursday and Friday) of laid-back guidance in the construction of the “Hugs & Kisses” Quilt found in my latest book, Half-Scrap Quilts.  With so much time and numerous quilt shops of Missouri Star Quilt Company within walking distance we can field trip for just the right fabrics, consult on color and design, and basically get into the nitty-gritty of making this quilt!

In the evenings you can pull out other projects, or continue working on Hugs & Kisses, while I flip on my sewing machine and join in the fun of sewing and laughing into the night. MissouriStarRetreat2

I am not running the retreat so any questions I will ask that you contact Lynnell “Nel” Rowe, and you will find her contact info along with pricing and more details here.   You can also click on the image in the right hand side bar to obtain the PDF of info.

I know space is limited so contact Nel soon if you wish to join in on the fun!MissouriStarRetreat4

Looking forward to my first trip to Missouri Star….I am driving which means I can bring lots of quilts to share and I can bring home all the stash enhancement that I can fit into the jeep!  Yippee!



Castle Wall Table Runner Pattern

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

CWTablerunnerPic2Yes!  The free PDF pattern to the table runner is now on the Castle Wall page.    Please note that actual yardage used is not given in the pattern as there are so many variables regarding length and color placement that there is just no way I could cover them all.  I can say that based on my coloration of the project no fabric was over 1/4 yard used and many under 1/8th of a yard.

I hope you like it and will share your table runner pics with all of us either by emailing them to me at or posting them to the Facebook page MDQuilts.




Oh this made me smile!

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

I just received some “work in progress” pics from my fantastic longarmmer Bob/Quilters Quest Quilt Shop in Woodridge, Illinois.

Even though I am able to quilt myself now physically it’s a time at home issue to do so that is the problem.

And Bob’s work is wonderful…so shhhhh…don’t tell Paul but I think I will keep him.

Here is a sneak peak of a quilt entitled “Bloomington Trail” that will be in my next book.


It’s another sunny day here in Paducah and after hitting post I am off to the convention center for more fun time with the Paper Pieces Girls!  I will be there from 9 to 1…the some shopping and viewing. 


Oh…and I finally got around to pressing the first Castle Wall Block Sample for the workshop.

It is very soft even with the dark corners.   Already halfway thru the next sample which is much brighter in colors.  Be sure to like my facebook page, Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre, to catch snippets of life throughout the day.

Hope it’s sunny in your neck of the woods!


Spaces for Her Stuff

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

AppleseedQuilter'sEarlier this week I spent two days in Fort Wayne with the Appleseed Quilter’s.   It was great fun and I do believe there will be some Pieced Hexies quilts/projects that will come out of this region.PHexies

Remember Pieced Hexies designs can be applied to ANY hexie pattern that is out there.  It just takes things to a whole new level as Linda said in my workshop.   YES! I wanted to shout….she got it.

If you have ever taken a workshop with me you know that this approximately 6″ x 8″ box travels EVERYWHERE with me.   I am constantly asked how I get so much done in what most perceive to be a very short amount of time.Box

My answer. I use all the time I can each and everyday.  Meaning if there is a 10 minute wait…I can baste a few hexies.   So the box comes with me.   Usually there are a multitude of papers and PH blocks on top that I cleared out of the way so you can see what is in The Box.

StuffAt my workshop I had a wonderful Teacher’s Angel to help me thru out the day.  That is so welcomed especially when the class is large.   Nancy was a treasure.   As she and I sat an chatted for a few minutes during a very brief lull she presented me with a giftie.  OH MY!  She knows just what I like.  I am all about the bag.  She laughed and pointed to my classroom suitcase in which everything was in a bag.  Samples, Handouts, equipment, sale items. etc.

Ziploc loves me.

As soon as I had Nancy’s gift in my hands I turned to her and told her it was just what I needed.  I had been squishing the Castle Wall block bags into “The Box” while on the road but was thinking they needed their own storage.

And now they do.    This is going to be wonderful for when my travel swings back to air flights at the end of the month.  Yes I know those scissors are not TSA friendly.  I will swap them out in fact I found a new gadget to tell you all about for thread cutting…that will be another blog next week.  (look at me planning ahead!) SNEAK PEAK: upper right hand corner of box pic you will see a blue disc.

CastleWallBlockSo thank you Nancy, for your help during class, your words of advice and kind comments, and for this wonderful zippered pouch.  I will think of you every time I reach for it during my travels.

I just finished another block here at home…I felt the call to start a block during the movie Mud (highly recommend you watch this) and being the type A person I can be at times I had to finish up the block so that I could start a new one tomorrow night when I am in Madison.

I am up to 8 blocks done now.   I grouped six earlier this week for a picture.   I  am loving the random scrappiness of this project.  Also loving them side by side without sashing…..hmmmmm.CWallQuiltBlocks

Enjoy the day,




p.s. You can order up your Inklingo pattern for Castle Wall by clicking my link in the right hand bar.  And you can English Paper Piece this block if you wish to go that route….I just put the papers in my website store.  And thanks for your orders of Garden Whimsy Applique…..I am sold out!

Store and Workshop Updates!

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Just a few updates to bring to your attention!

Posted TWO new workshops available for booking immediately!



“Castle Wall – The Block”

A hand piecing workshop that will cover how to use INKLINGO (powerpoint presentation) and then we dive right in to sewing up your very own Castle Wall block using the preprinted kits I will have available.  Hand piecing tips and tricks will be demoed hands on and you will find the serenity that hand sewing can bring to your day when we sit, sew and chat together.





RingAroundTheHexies Cover


“R.A.T.H. – Snack Sized”

RATH is the acronym for Ring Around The Hexies pattern that Bonnie Hunter and I designed.  This began as a retreat workshop designed to pitch to venues so that we could teach together as we found our very busy schedules were not overlapping like they had in the past.   But now we find that it truly would be hard to fit a joint booking into our calendars until 2017!  So with Bonnie’s blessing I am offering this hybrid of the joint workshop.  The project will be scaled down to a table runner to keep with my concept of making workshop projects easily completed and not UFOs in the making.

My sample picture will be posted soon but if your guild is on my books (or if you wish to be just two weeks in 2015 open and 2016 is half full so contact me soon!) you can let them know you are interested in this program.

Please note that I do not post my schedule for security reasons but I am always happy to search and provide appearance info to anyone who emails.  Also I do post this info as “Heads UP” posts on my facebook page.  You can find the link to this page no the right.  Please link over and like to keep in the loop. Thanks!




Some updates on the store too!CastleWallEP

I have added Paper Pieces Castle Wall EPP pattern for those who wish to make this fun block in that style.  The papers will make a 9 inch block and you have enough in each bag to make two blocks.  Remember you can remove all papers and make a new block (I have reused papers many times over) as these blocks will  eventually be sewing together in the traditional style.

The cost for the papers is $6.00.



PiecedHexiesCOVERsmallAlso note the special OOPS Sale on Pieced Hexies Book will end on April 16th.   So if you want to get this book at a great price (less than Amazon!) please order by then.

I am off for two weeks of back to back to back engagement in Indiana and Wisconsin.

Enjoy your day,



New Workshop debuting at Retreat

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Been spending a few hours every morning learning WordPress software and adding and sprucing up my website even more.  The tweaking never ends and neither does the education.  But I am fine with it.  I enjoy learning new things and giving my brain some new creative knowledge.  The problem is I now have so many ideas racing thru my head I have a hard time focusing.  So 3 hours every morning and then I am off to the studio.  3 hours that is it and the computer is put to “sleep”.  I keep a college ruled notebook on my desk and jot down every idea.  They will keep until I can get to them or find some help.  Which may truly be on the docket for 2014.

The files of new workshops to put into  the offerings is pretty high. (as are the pattern files)  And once Em gets home (tomorrow…fingers crossed with the impending weather that is forecasted) we might dabble with my new brochure making on Sunday.  It is one of the things on our “to do” list during her 2 week visit!  With Em’s graphic knowledge and artistic eye I can only imagine what she will come up with.    I know I mentioned it on facebook but she finally started her own blog/website.  You can find it here!

Ok..back on track….

EPP5PointStarWkshpPic2MDEPREOne of the new workshops is called EPP 5 Point Star.   I am excited about this workshop as it takes the “Pieced Hexies” idea and applies it to other shapes.   I wanted to design a 3 hour workshop so it can fit many situations and yet be new and exciting.   So it is just one design pattern (but trust me like the hexies the binder of patterns is quite thick…watch for more shapes/ideas over this year).

What is fun is there are two bonus blooms that can also be made from this 5pt Star Design.  You can find all my workshops under the tab at the top.chicago_lake_0114_cropped

I will be debuting this workshop (temporarily renamed EPP Pieced Snowflake to fit the theme) at the Lake Shore Quilting Retreat sponsored by Sew Many Places right here in Chicago!  The retreat runs from January 16th -19th and is going to be a winter pajama party blast!  This city girl is so excited to share not only this new design idea but “her city” (Native Chicagoan here!) during the prettiest time of 40sStringQTMDEPREthe year.  Winter.  I am hoping for some snowfall either Friday or Saturday night.  We can scout out an area in the hotel with big windows and sit and stitch together until the wee hours with the snow falling.  Wouldn’t that be magical.

I am bringing all sorts of quilts to share…since this is a driving gig for me the jeep will be loaded up!  So come join Pam Holland, Sue Bouchard, Brian Haggard, Jim West and myself for a weekend of quilty fun!

AntiqueStringBoxQuiltTopAntiqueStringBoxQuiltTopAlso Mr. UPS, Mr FedEx and Mr USPS have all been making their way up the stoop with packages the last few weeks.  One contained a new antique quilt top. Oh my.  String Pieced Blocks from the 40s.  Just my style.  I plan to make a very bold border for it and finish it.  I have made my list of tops to finish by August 1st and it is long.  But with a list it will get done.


Til Monday, (taking Saturday & Sunday off to hang with my favorite daughter)