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Blue Ribbon Antiques in Conway, Arkansas

Thursday, May 9th, 2013


As always while in Arkansas Paul and I visit many of the local antique/flea market stores in and around Conway.

Yesterday we opened the door to one we hadn’t prior. 

Oh boy.

ConwayShop1As Paul tells the story he knew we would “be awhile” when we stepped inside and that is the signage towards the back of the store that you see.

I bee-lined.

That backroom was Mecca.

Jane who is peering over her counter at us (and had given permission for pics) was the sweetest lady.

And she knew her stuff.  She loves turn of the century quilts.  And her offerings show this.




And then I spotted “Machine Row”.  Oh My!  Paul pulled a few out and I looked them up and down.  We won’t have enough room in the vehicles.  :/

I spent about an hour. 

I could of spent many many more.




These treasures are coming home with me.


A set of approximately 70 of these 6” nine patches from the mid 1800s are mine.


And yes I will be setting them with kona solids in browns, taupes, and black and quilting them.


I am big about completing vintage quilt blocks and tops.



I am always buying vintage yardage.

I own many vintage quilts.  Something many people are surprised to know. 

YES you really can love and do both Art and Traditional quilting!

And I couldn’t pass up the Singer 600 series attachments for $3.  My new vintage Singer is a 400 but I know the seam guide will be useful and maybe the feet.  If not I know someone I can pass these on to.




A bag of vintage hexies for $3!











And another bag of vintage bits also screamed my name.


There is a vintage top that has been nagging at me since we left.


There may be a return visit before we shove off for home.


Enjoy the day,


Molly Paws Quilt Block!

Monday, November 19th, 2012


George&MollyPawsFinally I am behind George and quilting away.  There is a stack of 6 (maybe 8) tops on the studio counter and I hope to have them all done by Dec 17th when the kiddos are home for what will be their last Christmas Break ever.

Oh my…I can’t believe they are seniors in college and this is it.  Most likely one if not both may not even be in the country at this time next year.  But that is for another blog.

So first out of the chute for quilting is an antique quilt top that I acquired this summer. 

When I buy a quilt top (or blocks) they have to be special to me.  And this one caught my eye first because I had never seen the pattern before and second because of the truly scrappiness of it in all it’s 30s glory.

DSC06379I searched and searched, even threw images up on facebook and it seems no one has a name or source for this block.

So I decided to call it “Molly Paws” after you know who.  My antique quilt tops are usually labeled with the name “ANTIQUE – (block name)” once I quilt them so it needed a name for reference.




Then I decided this block needed to live on.  In studying the quilt I determined that English Paper Piecing would be the best way to replicate this block with all it’s curves and funky spikes.

Here is my replication done in fun bright fabrics!

And if you wish to purchase the pattern you can do so here on the Craftsy page.  I will be putting all my PDF patterns here as I love Craftsy and their format.   Plus I will be shooting a Craftsy workshop of my own in late January so nice to have everything in one place.

Molly Paws will also be a new 6 hour workshop that I will be adding to my offerings in my usual first week of January update.  But if your guild wishes to book me now know that all workshop selections can be changed up to 6 months prior to my arrival. 

Now I am back to the studio.  Paul helped me last night with putting the next top together with  batting and backing so away I go.

Sneak peak….


Quilt Babe Retreat

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

I intended to blog on Monday and then life got in the way.  Life is certainly busy and a bit chaotic if feel lately.  But that is another story.

We (my good friend Cathy and I) left on Thursday and shopped our way up to The Springs in Gladwin Michigan.


Here is part of the sewing room at 7am on Saturday.  I was the first one down to sew…go figure. Smile 

At home I kitted and packed my projects.  I just wanted to sew sew sew.  I know my schedule is going to be crazy full with obligations and necessary projects for the next few months so I just wanted to spend a few days working on stuff for myself.
It was wonderful.
First off I kitted my Coca Cola Quilt.  The Coke fabric has been living in the studio for many years and I have always wanted to make myself a Coca Cola Quilt.  


I tossed in some of Paul’s blue hand dyed fabric and started to sew. 

It is a super simple pattern I found in the Sept/Oct issue of McCall’s Quilting called “Grubstake”.
The magazine rendition is made using Windham’s Prairie Crossing collection…lots of reds and browns. 
I saw a great way to spotlight a conversation print.  Not overdone with Coke fabric everywhere.  Just enough to enjoy.


I got the top 90% done at retreat and finished up the borders yesterday at home.   Now it will go on the quilting pile with the plan to have it done by month’s end.


The next project in queue was my “Blue Cherries” Quilt (tentative name) of the Insane Retreat Quilt.  You pick which name you like.
Here is my EQ pattern.
It was kitted up and I got the 16 yellow/pink blocks done. 
I will save this project for a blog post later this weekend or next week.

Because starting today I am going to be quilting..quilting…quilting.  Then binding…binding…binding.  I have at least 8 quilt tops stacked up.  Some Old Some New.   But ALL will get done.

First in queue is this antique beauty that I have named Antique Molly Paws (a new version of this unique block is being designed). 

‘til tomorrow…and the release of my Block Party Block!

It was a dark and spooky night….

Monday, October 31st, 2011 It’s Halloween!  YES! Love this holiday.

For many years when the kids were little and I was still working in the Insurance World…well Halloween was where a lot of creativity was released.  I’d like to say that Paul & Emily were some pretty decked out costumed kids each year.


Well Emily was easy…she just wanted to be some type of Princess each and every year.   

She was a Princess,Another Princess,a Fairy Princess, a Angel Princess and a Medieval Princess.  Yes this should be a bit of a warning sign for those “Princes” out there.



Still working on the “Hexies”…if you are a friend on Facebook you know this by my daily status updates.  Will post some Hexie info here and there on the blog but I am trying to keep the material different and fresh.

During the late summer I was drawn back to eBay and it’s vast array of vintage quilt block offerings.   I think having my tablet(a new toy!) and being able to just quickly check in and bid on things was a factor…but let’s just say a few block purchases….ummm….address relocations happened.

I pulled out a set and put them up on the wall.  I am going to let them stay there for a few days so I can enjoy them and they can speak to me regarding how to finish them.

I love vintage blocks from the 30s/40s.   WHAT?!? Aren’t you a “whimsical” art quilter? I can hear some of you saying…and some scratching of heads.  

Truth be known I love BOTH Art Quilts and Traditional Quilts. It’s just the Art Quilts are what I am known for in the industry. 





But if you look closely (not to closely yet..still working on a website update…but soon) you will see traditional blocks have been making their way into the backgrounds of my art quilts for a few years now.  

So I have decided with this “new leaf” of a blog to just as I say

“Let my Traditional Quilting Freak Flag Fly”

So this blog will cover both.  Art Quilting and Traditional Quilting (heck I even love to do needle turn applique!)

and some knitting…

…and some kid stories….and whatever wacky thing that Paul Sr. does…

…stick around….

it could be interesting.

p.s. Look closely at this fabric….I’ve seen it before haven’t you?