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Castle Wall – Acrylic Templates are in the house! (part one)

Friday, September 19th, 2014


Sept19pic2Yes! according to the tracking number the next shipment of the Castle Wall Acrylic Templates should be on my doorstep this afternoon. CastleWallBlockSet That means if you are still waiting for your set they will go out ASAP!  About half the order is spoken for so if interested put your order in by tomorrow evening and I will get them out to you Monday morn.

If not due to my travel schedule the next shipping date out will be September 29th.

Sept19pic3To order head over to my store page here.

As you may or may not know I recently shifted gears a bit on the making of my Castle Wall Blocks.   Still handsewn, still my 2014 On The Road project.  Just preparing my fabric using acrylic templates to mark my cutting and sewing guidelines.

Have I mentioned how much I love handwork, whether it be sewing, English paper piecing, knitting, crochet…if my hands are busy I am happy girl.  And these templates make this project totally portable , even the block prep part.

So let’s cover that part.Sept19pic4


Marking:  I have a phletora of marking pens, all different colors of gel pens, a few Sakura gelly pens (white-grey- yellow) and of course a good old fashion sharp pencil .  Each tackles a different type/color of fabric when I choose to use it.  So gather up several marking utensils and keep them together so they are always readily available.


Keeping your fabric stable when marking.   I like to use a sheet of freezer paper tacked down to the front side of my fabric by the heat of my iron.  Since I do a lot of projects using freezer paper, ie needle turn applique…yes I love the “A word!”, I buy it in the 8×11 sheets.  But you can just tear off a strip from the roll you pick up at the grocers, that will work.Sept19pic6

Different fabrics/fabric backs all for different pens.

I could only find “sparkle grey” in the Sakura pen when I was purchasing so until a solid grey is found this is what I use.    Oh pretty!

Make sure you mark those corner intersections of your sewing guidelines.  Those will be important when lining up your pieces.

Sept19pic1I forgot to take pictures late last night as I was cutting out all my pieces.  It is important to be as accurate as possible when cutting but if you nip a bit off it’s ok as long as you have your sewing guideline accurately drawn.  This will be covered in Part Two of this blog.

I kitted up the final 9 blocks needed for my quilt.  Yes I am into the single digits!  My hope is to have all 56 blocks done by October 3rd.   I have a lot of travel on my docket between now and then so I think I can reach this goal and be sewing the center of my top together soon.

So this is where I am presently on this block.

I will sew as fast as I can today  and will have Part Two of this blog up before I head out to the airport on Sunday morn. Sept19pic8

 I am loving the wavy plaid of the blue print in the diamonds one of my all time favorites!

Enjoy your day,


Store and Workshop Updates!

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Just a few updates to bring to your attention!

Posted TWO new workshops available for booking immediately!



“Castle Wall – The Block”

A hand piecing workshop that will cover how to use INKLINGO (powerpoint presentation) and then we dive right in to sewing up your very own Castle Wall block using the preprinted kits I will have available.  Hand piecing tips and tricks will be demoed hands on and you will find the serenity that hand sewing can bring to your day when we sit, sew and chat together.





RingAroundTheHexies Cover


“R.A.T.H. – Snack Sized”

RATH is the acronym for Ring Around The Hexies pattern that Bonnie Hunter and I designed.  This began as a retreat workshop designed to pitch to venues so that we could teach together as we found our very busy schedules were not overlapping like they had in the past.   But now we find that it truly would be hard to fit a joint booking into our calendars until 2017!  So with Bonnie’s blessing I am offering this hybrid of the joint workshop.  The project will be scaled down to a table runner to keep with my concept of making workshop projects easily completed and not UFOs in the making.

My sample picture will be posted soon but if your guild is on my books (or if you wish to be just two weeks in 2015 open and 2016 is half full so contact me soon!) you can let them know you are interested in this program.

Please note that I do not post my schedule for security reasons but I am always happy to search and provide appearance info to anyone who emails.  Also I do post this info as “Heads UP” posts on my facebook page.  You can find the link to this page no the right.  Please link over and like to keep in the loop. Thanks!




Some updates on the store too!CastleWallEP

I have added Paper Pieces Castle Wall EPP pattern for those who wish to make this fun block in that style.  The papers will make a 9 inch block and you have enough in each bag to make two blocks.  Remember you can remove all papers and make a new block (I have reused papers many times over) as these blocks will  eventually be sewing together in the traditional style.

The cost for the papers is $6.00.



PiecedHexiesCOVERsmallAlso note the special OOPS Sale on Pieced Hexies Book will end on April 16th.   So if you want to get this book at a great price (less than Amazon!) please order by then.

I am off for two weeks of back to back to back engagement in Indiana and Wisconsin.

Enjoy your day,



OOPS! Wrong Book!

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Pieced HexiesThere was a little snafu today.   In defense of the KCStar shipping warehouse they were hustling to get my order of Pieced Hexies Deux out to me ASAP knowing that I am out the door for an event on Thursday.

Mr UPS pulled up in front of the house and literally at the same time my phone was ringing with a call from the warehouse as they just realized they sent the wrong book.  They guys in the warehouse grabbed Pieced Hexies boxes vs Pieced Hexies Deux.

So now I have a wall of Pieced Hexies cases.

A plan was hatched.

The cost to ship all these cases back would become cost prohibitive.  So I am running an “OOPS! They shipped the wrong books sale!”  I’d rather give quilters the lemonade from this snafu.  untitled

The price of the book is dropped to $19.00 on my website until they are gone.

YES cheaper then Amazon!

AND if you purchase 3+ of any books (as long as Pieced Hexies is at least one) or Pieced Hexies and it’s coordinating Template Set,   I will throw in free shipping (that will come by the way of a reimbursement of the shipping cost after the purchase…the easiest way to do this offer with PayPal).  Just mention OOPS sale in the memo part on the PayPal slip when making your purchase.

So if your looking to get a book ,why not ask a friend if they want one to, and/or buy one for your local guild library?   Don’t forget to check out all the free Pieced Hexies Star and Diamond patterns on my PDF page.

If your a guild I’m coming to and I bring one of these cases (marked them all with a red x) then you will get this special price when I am there.   This price will hold until the cases are gone.

And I am truly hoping that won’t take long as the same number of cases of Pieced Hexies DEUX are now on their way to my front step hopefully within a few days.

Please pass on this info to anyone who might be interested.   I need to be able to see my desk again in the office by spring..I hope.





DEUX Preorder Deadline!

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

hexiedeux-coverloresThe time is almost here for me to put in my order for Pieced Hexies Deux.   Which means if you want to have your book in the “first wave” that will be going out mid January then I need you to put in your preorder now.   If you preorder before midnight on January 2nd I can include you in the first wave.

Pieced Hexies Deux is the second round of designs in the Pieced Hexies series (yes you read that right series…the next fix is already on the schedule….who needs sleep…lol) 10RosettesDeuxDesigns

Deux (as it affectionately called here at Chez Depre) is jam packed with 10 new designs! over 100 variations, 18 combos…and 6 Pieced Hexies Stars right in the book.

6PHStarsDeuxDeb, my editor and Kelly, graphic designer, worked a miracle and got it all into a 96 page book!!

The retail cost is $28.

Oh…and another new item is the addition of what I am calling fabric orientation guideline graphics.   This will help you visualize which fabric is going to fall where in the hexie as you are piecing the block.

So I went back and made a Fabric Orientation Guideline sheet for the original (ok that freaks me out a bit) Pieced Hexies.   You can find it here on my PDF page.  I suggest you print it out and tuck it in to your Pieced Hexies book.

Cover PROOF for Deux Acrylic PackPHDeuxTemplate SetAs before there is a template set also available.  The templates are not needed to make the designs.  I will always give the step by step instructions for marking your papers with a ruler.  But if you are into “easy peasy” then the templates rule.    And with these Paper Pieces (the manufacture of the templates) really stepped it up and we came up with a way to put the 10 designs on 5 templates to keep that cost down too!    There is one design on each side of the template with orientation guides to show you wish slots/dots to use.   Katie at Paper Pieces is a genius!

The cost for the template set is $29. and can also be preordered.

So heads up!  Place your order!

Piece On!




Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Just a heads up.  I have added the Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case to my store.

Clover Needle Case

Sunday & Monday!

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Hey Everyone,

I have gotten the emails….I think the shop page just might be overwhelmed a bit at times and thus the frustration in trying to place your order.  I am sorry.

I have also gotten the messages about asking to see some of the designs in the book so I have put together the following graphics for you.

This graphic shows the 10 new designs in their “original” rosettes. 10RosettesDeuxDesigns These are shown in 100+ variations in the book.

And here are the 6 Pieced Hexies Star Patterns!6PHStarsDeux

And there are combos!   Sorry I forgot to do a combos graphic…still getting over the nasty cold of this weekend.

I hope this helps everyone who inquired.  Due to my delay in getting these graphics done and the shops stall problems I am going to leave the special up on the book until midnight tomorrow.   And sometime today I will put up my cyber Monday special to.

As I said I am still battling this nasty cold and don’t know if I will be up to push the magic change the shop button or not at midnight so just going to make those changes in a bit.

So if you were waiting for the Monday Cyber deal you can also order that as soon as I have the shop updated.  But it must be a separate order than the PreOrder Special.

Thanks again for all your inquries and orders!

Hex On!





p.s. The Cyber Monday (now a bit of Sunday too) Deal is the following:

Pieced Hexies Book (the First!)Pieced Hexies


PHBOOKTemplatesand the coordinating Template Set  is




Black Friday – Small Business Saturday – and good ol’ Sunday all rolled into one

Thursday, November 28th, 2013


hexiedeux-coverloresIt’s PREORDER time for Pieced Hexies Deux! The release date for the book is mid January 2014!


And by coincidence it is also “Super Special Savings Sales” here in the United States so I have put together a Pre Order Special Sale.

This SALE will run from 12:01am Friday, November 29th to 11:59pm Sunday December 1st.

(note I have something up my sleeve for Cyber Monday….it will be another product not DEUX)

Here is the cover!  I am so very excited…it’s ORANGE!

The book is 96 pages.   Ten new designs are in the book.

Echo, Rototiller, Layer, Chop, Beaker, Kilter, Boxed, Buzzsaw, Scissors, and Lanes.

The book also has the addition of Fabric Orientation Graphics and an updated system for marking your alignment guidelines on your hexies.

AND (yes my publisher worked wonders and crammed so much in to the book it’s bursting!)

SIX Pieced Hexie Star Patterns!pic3

Bonnie, Cathy,  Diane, Elaine, Linda and Maggie!   You got a glimpse of Pieced Hexie Star Bonnie last week when I blogged about my “Magic Carpet Ride” quilt.

All of this for a retail price of $27.95!

Cover PROOF for Deux Acrylic PackNow I as you know you don’t need the templates to make Pieced Hexies…I will always give the alignment guides to mark your papers with pencil and ruler.   But let’s be honest the fantastic templates that Paper Pieces has designed for all the previous designs rock.   They make marking those guidelines a breeze and free up time for more sewing.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that there will be a Pieces Hexies Deux pack of templates.   And even better as the Paper Pieces girls and I came up with a way to put two designs on one template so the pack is only 5 templates and thus just $29.00!

SOOOOOOOO……here’s the PreOrder Three Day Deal!

Pieced Hexies Deux BOOK and TEMPLATES Pack


You can place your preorder in my store or just click here to go right there.

Now you will see that the “button” is a BUY IT NOW button and not a place in shopping cart button.   Due to the fact that the book release will not be until January I must ask that these preorders be for the book/template combo ONLY.   You can order other items from my store but they will need to be a separate order.

ALSO please note that the shipping option for this combo for US CITIZENS is PRIORITY MAIL ONLY.   The only way I can make this work is to only offer this shipping option.  The cost for shipping on this combo is $6.00 (note that the post office is taking a small increase in Priority Mail postage on January 26th.  While I expect all orders to go out prior to then I cannot  control the shipment of books to me.  And in order to offer this pricing I need to make a small increase in shipping from $5.65 to $6.00).

FOREIGN ORDERSPlease Please Please email me (mickey(at) for standard shipping and Priority Mail shipping costs.  DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER VIA THE WEBSITE.  I will issue you a personal invoice for your total.

Ok I think I have covered it all.

Thank you ALL in advance for you wonderful support and for loving Pieced Hexies, Ring Around the Hexies, …and now Pieced Hexies Deux.



Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 8 is in the house!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Quiltmaker 100 BlocksMy case of  magazines arrived just in time for the blog tour starting next week!Vol8-blog-tour-coming-socialmedia

The magazine is now available in my store.

Arkansas Whirl0001My block Arkansas Whirl is included and I am so proud!

Watch for my blog this week with a bonus pattern for the block.




It’s a “Not So Spooky” Halloween Sale!

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Halloween Sale

As promised I have a TREAT for those who wish to partake.

Four SPECIALS are up in the store on my website.  This sale ends at midnight tonight.

  • #1 Pieced Hexies Template Set is $30!  YES $30!
  • #2 A Large Pack (300 pieces) of 1 1/2″ Hexies.
  • #3 Ring Around The Hexie Template – Boomer
  • #4 A Bundle – see below
    1. Ring Around The Hexie Book ($14 value…already discounted from $15)
    2. Ring Around the Hexie Template ($8 value)
    3. One 50ct pack of 1 1/2″ papers ($4 value)
    4. One pack of John James Self Threading size 4/8 needles ($3)

total value $30……just wait to you see the price on this pack.

So head over to my store page and be on the look out for this guy to show you the sales!SaleIndivPumpkin

 Happy Halloween!

Now go get some treats!