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Can we have a background please?!?

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Finally….a background.

When the idea hit for the Pieced Hexies Stars way back in February  I also envisioned a background…actually several for them.  And then traveling and second book writing and another booklet writing…and well lots of quilty stuff got in the way.

But I had a file filled with some sketches.   And a plan.

Finally last week there was time in my schedule and I set to work.   I have been carrying around the makings for 4 Pieced Hexie Stars – Bonnie since late September on the road.  Making progress with each evening in a hotel.

And then it came to the final ring on the final star and I hit that wall that we all know.  The star sat for one week, then two.  And I knew if I just did a little leap frog and got the sketched background idea into EQ for easy pattern writing later that Star would get done.  And so I did.  And it did. And now this train is moving full steam ahead.

The original plan was to share this next week to kinda coincide with the start of taking preorders for Pieced Hexies Deux (January 2014) release.   But sometimes I don’t have the patience of a saint and I just want your feedback.   So here we go.

DSC07467You’ve see the Star.  I have heard the deep breath intact at the color choices.   But well this is me.  I am not always traditional and I am not always “basic blue” in my choices.  Always expect the unexpected.  I swing wildly from Civil War Repros to what you see here.   Remember back in September when I facebooked (is this a word now?) the picture of the “fish eye” fabric and the citrine yellow fabric that I bought while in St. Louis at The Quilted Fox?   Well here it is.

DSC07469On Saturday I stated pulling background fabrics.   I knew after seeing Pepper Cory’s Peppered Cottons in Houston at Market that they had to be used in this quilt.  These fabrics appear solid but they are not.

DSC07472A close look will reveal that they are woven with two different colors.   So there is a shimmer in person when viewing.  It can’t be see truly on a screen you have to see these in person.  Seek them out…you won’t be disappointed.   sidebar: Wild Angel Studio (that’s my place) will be stocking all colorways by year end.  Merry Christmas to me.

DSC07484Sunday afternoon…let the piecing begin!   DSC07485I am a process sewer.  Confident in my color choices I jumped right in.   The concept is 4 large quilt blocks, more like panels, each to serve as the background for each Star.  So once the Star is appliqued (and note you can use ANY PHStar!) you sew the 4 big blocks together and TA DA! You have a quilt…or a wall hanging in this case.









Here is one block all well…blocked out.  Again a process.











And here are all four blocks…not sewn together but hanging on the design wall so I can get a look at the over all of things.  I like!





And here are the Stars!


One Star is already hand appliqued down.  Another will be done tonight.  And I will prep the last two tomorrow (remove papers , starch edges, pin) and bring them with me for my trip to North Carolina on Thursday.  I will also bring the file and start writing the pattern.



My next goal…have pattern and picture of finished top (note I am still under doctor orders of no quilting until the new year) on the website in December.  I hope by the 5th.   I am aiming for it.   I am also adding a workshop that can be booked for as little as 3 hours to as long as 3 days called “Build Your Own Star” or BYOS!…..I know you can all create your own and I can’t wait to see them!

Off to sew,



It’s an “Arkansas Whirl” kinda day!

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Vol8-blog-tour-this-week-socialmediaFinally….today is my day to share my block in the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 8 and partake in their blog tour.   You can find a list of the other participants in today’s tour on the Quiltmaker’s Quilty Pleasures blog.

My block is a Foundation Pieced Block called Arkansas Whirl.Arkansas Whirl0001

Now you might wonder, why Arkansas?  I am a born and bred lifelong Chicagoan so how does Arkansas fit in?

Arkansas is home to Hendrix College (Conway, Arkansas) and my twins both attended Hendrix (newly graduated) and so for the last four years of our lives, my husband Paul and I would do the Arkansas Whirl and drive 10-12 hours each way several times a year to see our kids.  Arkansas, specifically Conway, kinda snuck up on us and stole a piece of our heart.  It is great town and we love it.  But honestly too hot for this northern loving girl to ever live full time in.

While designing this block the kids were in the final semester of college and it was thought that we would no longer be whirling to Arkansas.  So I named the block after what I thought was an end of an “era” in our family lore.  But we were wrong.  Dear daughter Emily is now an employee of Hendrix and I foresee a whirl or two in our near future.   (she obviously has no problem with the heat).

I wanted to take the block to the next level and designed a simple table runner to share. Arkansas Whirl Table Runner You can find the FREE PDF Pattern HERE and in the very near future it will reside on a special PDF pattern page on my website.  I made my rendition in fun Christmas prints. ChristmasArkansasTableRunner

I plan to gift this to dear daughter so she can have it in Arkansas to enjoy!

As you are probably aware (with this being the final day of the blog tour)  Quiltmaker will be giving away a free copy of 100 Blocks Volume 8 to a lucky reader of this blog.  To enter you need to leave a comment.   I am asking that you tell me a favorite state of your own in your comment.  I think that would be fun to learn.  PLEASE NOTE: if  this is your first time commenting on my blog your comment will not automatically appear.  I will approve it and you will automatically be able to comment and enter giveaways from now on (and I will have another in December).   I will do my best to approve comments in a timely fashion until Sunday afternoon.   I promise.

I, myself will be giving a second issue to a blog commenter also.  YES! Two issues will be given away on this blog.


FB100BlocksGraphicIf you click here you will go to my “Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre” facebook page.  The page was started and named after by book Pieced Hexies but truly we discuss all things quilty and life there.   On the page look for a post with this graphic and make a comment.  Here you can just say…”found it!” if you would like (it would also be great if you LIKED the page).
By doing this you will be entered into a special drawing of just fbook page commenters for a THIRD copy of 100 blocks Volume 8.

And you will get a bonus entry if you share the post on your own page. whew…ok I think I got it all in.  Oh wait…

I will draw all 3 winners on Sunday at noon cst and will post the winners here!   Note you can buy a copy of 100 blocks in my store and if you are a lucky winner I will refund your monies so no worries!

Piece ‘n Happiness,


p.s. TODAY is the last day of my “Clear My Shelves of Small Quilts” Sale on Etsy.  You can click the Etsy stamp on the side bar to go right to my Etsy store.  These small quilts need new homes and I have priced them so that they hopefully will find them.  🙂


Toadally Awesome Winnie Star

Monday, August 19th, 2013

My good friend Brenda Esslinger sent me a picture of her version of the Pieced Hexie Star WINNIE to share!


Brenda is a very talented long arm quilter, quiltmaker,  author and teacher.

Her studio name is Toadally Awesome Quilting and she lives in Oklahoma City, OK.

She also has a new book out called Fabulous Fractures.  Her publisher is Ashton Publications and you can find information about her book here.

You can find more of her work here in her Etsy shop.

And as always you can find the FREE PDFs for Pieced Hexie Star Patterns on the right hand side of this page.

Today is binding day here.  I hope to have the Brews4Drew quilt done and able to share it tomorrow or Wednesday.

Take Care,


Pieced Hexie Star WINNIE

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

WinniePHStarColoredJuly’s star name is WINNIE!

For no other reason then I like it.  

Having a long unusual first name myself I am drawn to such names that can be shortened into cute nicknames, either with a masculine edge or the other direction so fluffy and girly.

My given name is Michaelene.   My immediate family calls me Mike.  It wasn’t until Paul entered my life and I began to work in an office setting that the nickname Mickey was born.

So when I think of an odd name I like I think of Winifred.   Either Freddie or Winnie for nicknames!

Ok that was a strange reason to name July Winnie I concur but well it’s the truth.  LOL.

So I give you Winnie!

And isn’t she a dynamo.  I love using neutrals in those 50/50 hexies to give an illusion of openness like a snowflake or doily.

As always you can find the free PDF pattern for Winnie on my sidebar.

Now in the next few weeks I will be unveiling a brand new website.  We haven’t decided to keep the side bar on the blog which will be embedded into the website or go with a separate page of PDF patterns.  So don’t fret if the bar goes away…the patterns never will.

I promise.



p.s. A big Thank You to Maggie my wonderful stunt sewer for this sample of Winnie!

Pieced Hexie Star–AUDREY

Sunday, June 16th, 2013


AudreyPHStarColoredAww…the name Audrey.  I love this name.  That grade school teacher that changes your life (I hope everyone has one of these..if not a few) for me was named Mrs. Bukovsky….Mrs. AUDREY Bukovsky.  Mrs. B. was my 5th grade teacher.  She was that cool teacher who filled our class room with all kinds of “out of the box” learning tools.  We had class pets galore (turtles, frogs, a gerbil, etc) and projects were always inventive.  She was the cool teacher to have. 

I was so lucky.

All year she watched me crocheting during recesses, and she obviously caught on that I was a “crafty kid”.  So it was a surprise and delight when on the last day of class she asked if she could commission me to make a granny square afghan for her.  (this was the 70s remember).

Could I!  I shook my head yes before I even knew what “commission” meant.

Then she pulled out a big bag from LeeWards filled with beige, brown, yellow and rust colored yarn.  And a pattern…for a california king size granny square afghan.

I crocheted all summer.   I’m not gonna lie the all beige squares were tedious.

And my mom helped with sewing it together.

I presented her the afghan on day one of the new school year.

I was so proud.

Mrs. B is now my neighbor ironically.   I get to thank her almost everyday when I see her on my daily walks with Molly (she is now retired) for her giving me direction in my life’s work.

So here is Pieced Hexie Star – AUDREY.

This example is done in a scrappy blues with the yellows and oranges staying the same.  I like to mix “Scrappy & Stable” as I call it.  Hope you like it too.

As always you can find the pattern to the right on the blog.



p.s A big THANK YOU to Cathy K. one of my wonderful “stunt sewers”.

Pieced Hexies Star–GINGER

Thursday, May 16th, 2013


I know this post is one day late, my apologies.  It has been crazy busy here at Chez Depre.

Both kids…err…young adults are home…for a small amount of time.   Both have secured well paying jobs that will afford them the luxury of living on their own…actually they have no choice as both will be in other states.   But more on that later.

Today is all about Pieced Hexie Star GINGER!

Ginger is a name I love.  I even considered Ginger for Emily’s name.  I just love it.  So spicy and sassy, yet soft and traditional.   The perfect name for this months star.

Here she is!


With everything going on lately in my life I concluded a few months ago that there is just not time for me alone to make all my creative ideas come to life.   So I have two wonderful “helpers” now making the Pieced Hexie Star samples.  They are Maggie S. and Cathy K. and they are lifesavers!  I am so grateful.

Here are their renditions.







Maggie’s GINGER star


This rendition is done in soft tonal prints so I put it up against a black background so you could see the edges easily.









Cathy’s GINGER star

I sent Cathy a collection of

30’s repros to make this star.


I absolutely love the soft turquoise “ring”.


And I love that Cathy used the same solid bubblegum pink in the outside “points” of the Jacks Pieced Hexies.  Cathy did do the actual piecing so you could easily understand the concept but in reality you could just drop off that step in your making of the Jazzy blocks and save a step. 



I hope you are enjoying the Pieced Hexie Stars.   Considering making a Flickr group for them.  Any thoughts?


Enjoy the day,


Finally Anna in fabric.

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Finally I have found the time to take the pic and post the blog.  I cannot apologize enough.  

Here is Pieced Hexie Star Anna in fabric.



Thank you for sticking it out and waiting.  It’s been a tough couple of weeks here at Chez Depre.  And I have made the decision to share with you one of the stress factors.

Unfortunately a close family member is dealing with another round of cancer. While I cannot share whom and exactly what form out of respect for their privacy I can tell you it is not Paul Sr, either of the kids or myself.  But it is close enough to part of our daily lives too.

We will get thru this.  We have done so in the past.  And we will be stronger and more united on the other side.  That is what love brings to the table in the fight against this awful disease.

So if I am a few days late on some promises…please bear with me.  It’s pretty hectic here.

But I have a lot of good quilty things in the works too and will be able to begin to share this week.

And another one of the hectic items is a good kid thing (actually a few are and I will keep sharing as they become clearer).   Today’s good thing is in just a few hours dear son, Paul Jr., will be flying overhead to a job interview in the Wisconsin.  

He is still on the path of completing his Federal Service Officer’s testing but this opportunity has arose and if all goes well (hey the company is paying all his expenses to bring him in for a face to face interview…that’s positive!) I may have him within a two and a half hour car ride from my front door for a few years.

And that makes this mom smile.  

…….even though he will be residing “behind the cheddar curtain” as we say here in Chicagoland.

Cheese curds anyone?isCAO749W4


Enjoy the day!

Pieced Hexie Star ANNA

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013


This post will be short and sweet.  Want to get this up before the storms hit.

April’s Pieced Hexie Star is named ANNA.  

Anna is the name of two very special people in my life.  My grandmother. Gramp&Gram0001

and Pauli’s girlfriend of several years. 

Paul&AnnaRecital2014HendrixSMALLYes….we love her.   Yes….we hope.   ‘nuf said.  Smile

So Anna is a very special name. 

I do have a finished ANNA in fabric to show you.  But the overcast skies are proving difficult in taking a picture of this Star’s soft color palette.  Hopefully later today and I will post it.

As always you can find the pattern to the right on the blog.

Enjoy Anna!


It’s a Hexie Ice Cream Cone Block!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Start hexing now!  This would make a cute set of pillows or a table runner for summer!

                                You can find the PDF pattern for it at the side of the blog!

Pieced Hexie Star EMILY

Friday, March 15th, 2013


Here is your free Pieced Hexie Star Pattern for March. 


It is named Emily, after my daughter who brightens my day every time she calls.  Soon she will be a college graduate and off on the adventure of life.  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

I did a fabric sample showcasing Em’s favorite colors of green and lavender/periwinkle. 

You will find a PDF link at the top of the right hand side column on the blog. The PDF will give you all the info necessary to make the “Pieced Hexies Emily Star”. You will need a copy of my Pieced Hexies book to make the actual Jacks and Jazzy hexies.

April’s star is already being sewn….check back on April 15th to meet her!