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Lady of the Lake Table Runner Pattern!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

LadyoftheLakeWorkshopYAY!   So many of you have fallen in love with the Lady of the Lake block as much as I have.   This was block #3 in my 2015 On The Road Project.   And now is proving to be a very popular workshop.

While my workshop and posted blogs on this block cover hand piecing, I do carry the papers to make the block English Paper Piecing style.  Lady of the Lake EPP 1 block

You can find all the blog links here on the Lady of the Lake block.

And all the supplies here in my webstore for making the block.  Just type in Lady of the Lake in the search box to see all available.

I always want to provide a simple 3-4 block pattern for everyone using the blocks I introduce in a table runner so if you choose not to commit to a full quilt there is a home for them.   This is my vow to help not contribute to the UFOs in your life.

I have been working on this pattern for a few months now. Life has certainly gotten busy and I apologize for the delay in getting this pattern done and up on the website since I started showing it on facebook back in September I think it was.

But it is here now!


The borders are completed via foundation piecing and you will find the two patterns (mirror images) on the final page of the PDF.

The most important word of advice I can give is to piece all the A units at one time and then the B units so that you don’t inadvertently confuse the two when using second fabric in the B5 section.  See my notes on fabric usage on page two of the pattern.

So I hope to see some Facebook posts of Lady of the Lake Table Runners soon!   Don’t forget to “like” my new Facebook page “Piece and Hexiness with MDQuilts”.  This is an open group page so you can easily share all your quilting projects and questions to each other.  Every project is welcome!   Think of it as a quilt guild meeting online!

Enjoy your day,



Castle Wall Table Runner Pattern

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

CWTablerunnerPic2Yes!  The free PDF pattern to the table runner is now on the Castle Wall page.    Please note that actual yardage used is not given in the pattern as there are so many variables regarding length and color placement that there is just no way I could cover them all.  I can say that based on my coloration of the project no fabric was over 1/4 yard used and many under 1/8th of a yard.

I hope you like it and will share your table runner pics with all of us either by emailing them to me at or posting them to the Facebook page MDQuilts.




Finally…the Castle Wall border pattern

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

Blog11.26015The quilt is done.  The binding has all been turned, the hanging sleeve and label attached.

But picture taking of the full quilt will have to wait just a few more days as a plan to free up a full wall in my living room for permanent “big quilt” picture taking is in the works.

TravelersWallQuiltBORDERSBut I did get the pattern PDF done so here it is.    Note you will need to download the separate Diamond Foundation PDF also.

I am loving seeing everyone’s versions of the Castle Wall block on the Facebook page  and there are plans to put together a gallery page of the blocks here on the website.   Even though we are marching full steam ahead into 2015 and a new “On The Road” project I will always welcome Castle Wall posts, questions, etc. to the blog and or Facebook.

This project has morphed into it’s own popular workshop and I see another Castle Wall quilt in my future…so in other words, don’t worry if you are new to the Castle Wall, it and my help are not going away.



And just a reminder.  We are truly in the final days of the introductory price of $20 for the Castle Wall Acrylic Template set.  Over 2/3rds of my New Year’s order are already spoke for but if you order by midnight CST 12/31/14 the introductory price will be yours!   You can order your set of the templates (or EPP papers…or both…so many like to use the templates for fussy cutting even if using the EPP method) HERE.


Now off to move some furniture here at Chez Depre,


Big Bloombas is in the house! FREE PATTERN

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

For those who are a part of my facebook page, MDQuilts, you know that recently I switched back to my fermenting (projects are never UFOs here…they ferment) 30s Repro hexies & jewels quilt.

BigBloombasPic1This time around I finally sat down and did the math to see how many of the Hexie Blooms, 13 hexagons each,BigBloombasPic2





and what I call Jewel Blooms, 6 jewel shapes, I could achieve out of the stash I had set aside for this project.

I purchased 1.5 yards of the modern black & grey print  along with 1 jelly roll of soft creams, pinks, yellows, taupes, and very soft orange kona solids that I am using in the Jewel Blooms.

The 30s repro hexies are what I did in the 3700 miles of car rides in 3weeks in May 2013 when the kids each graduated collage and moved home for 6 days (Pauli) and 2 weeks (Emily) before we drove their stuff to their new out of state residences….whew.   That was a lot of driving.  And a lot of hexies got done when it wasn’t my turn behind the wheel.



Before I left home, I have been in Arkansas since Tuesday visiting Emily, I took this picture of where I was at in my idea for the layout.



Armed with that info, my fabric count, and some time I figured out I can make a center portion for this quilt of approximately 50 x 58.

Big Bloombas Quilt Layout 6x6

Then I will add borders of at least 8″ that will be pieced or maybe even appliqued.  I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Several of you have asked for the layout pattern.  You can find it as a free PDF on my PDF page of this website under Quilt Patterns.

And if you haven’t “liked” my facebook page yet,, head over and do so.  There’s a lot going on over there each and every day.

Next week when I am home I plan to work on the borders of the Castle Wall Quilt.  Yes that will be a free pattern on the PDF page to as soon as I am done.











I didn’t forget…whew!

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Wow…blink and February is almost gone.


I know I promised a new Pieced Hexie Diamond & Medallion FREE PDF each month for 2014.   I almost missed February.  But I didn’t.

 I will confess that the sketch for February’s design was done in late January and then it sat on my desk.   Patiently waited for me to take to illustrator and make the pdf for all of you.   And while sitting…well it got buried.

And yesterday I came across it a realized…YIPES! this has to get done.




And here it is.

…and if you take it to the next level of a medallion you get this!


02/27 Medallion

The 02/27 Pieced Hexie Diamond and Medallion is made using designs found in the new Pieced Hexies DEUX!    You can find January and December‘s pattern blogs by clicking on the links.

…now back to the studio.

I have been sewing away and I am up to 5 new quilts done or in the piecing stage (yes three are in various stages of piecing and I keep rotating them in the queue when sewing) for the next book.  I am so excited for it.   But don’t worry Pieced Hexie Fans…you should always know there are more designs brewing….in fact a brand new one is very close on the horizon….but more about that later.

Enjoy your day!



 p.s. you can always find ALL the free PDFs on my PDF page…just look for the title up on the top of the page.

Pieced Hexies Deux is in the house!

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Mr UPS made his way up my front stoop yesterday with more cases of books.


PIECED HEXIES DEUX is in the house!

From the time he and Paul brought all the cases in the house (around 9:40am) to almost 8pm with just two meal breaks I sat and signed all the preorder (and yesterday order!) copies of Deux.

We should of taken a picture of the mayhem in the office during processing but honestly we were so focused on the 7pm post office closing time we only stopped to eat.

Paul made four runs to the post office to drop off literally Rubbermaid filled tubs of orders.

PHDeuxTemplate SetThank you all for the pre orders and I cannot wait to hear what you think in the next few days when your books (and templates!) hit your mailboxes.

10RosettesDeuxDesignsTEN designs in this book with over 100 variations covered plus SIX Star patterns in the book!

I am out the door to teach and will be home very late Saturday night.   6PHStarsDeux

I have the first of the Pieced Hexies Deux Diamond/Medallion designs done and will be sharing it next week so what for it.

And my lovely Sample Stitchers have been busy.  I will be sharing fabric samples of the Deux Star Patterns starting in February.  I cannot thank these gals enough, there truly is no possible way I can sew out all the hexie designs in my head, write books, teach, and walk Molly.  IMG_20131111_064617 So please if you make any of the free patterns I share please send me a pic.  I would love to share them on the blog.  And a new page is in the process on the website that will feature pics of patterns made by others.

Hex on my friends…hex on!



01/02 Pieced Hexie Diamond & Medallion

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014


Ok..I’m a day late but the sentiment is still the same.  🙂

I am thrilled to ring in 2014.  So many plans for this year and creative goodness in the works.

I gave myself the gift of joining Adobe Creative Cloud for Christmas.

This means my illustrator software zoomed from version 3 to version 6!  And I have been exploring all the new tools at my fingertips for the last few days with my wonderful teacher Emily.   The tables have truly turned as I have become the student and she the teacher on this journey.  Her skills are amazing and I can’t wait to show you my new supply lists and workshop brochure PDF later to day.

So many other projects in the works with her.  I will be sad to see her depart tomorrow back to Arkansas and work.   It’s been wonderful to have her here for 12 days.  I have been lax on my blogging and fbook posts this week but I have just been soaking up the magic called Em.

One thing I did do yesterday was design a new Diamond/Medallion pattern.  You can find the print out pages for the pattern on the PDF page on my website.  Just look for the tab above and on the page look for the 01/02 Diamond & Medallion.  Remember these designs will always be named for the day the appear on the blog and you can always find past designs on the PDF page too.  Maybe you missed the design I posted on December 22nd?  You can find it right above this design on the PDF page.

01.02DiamondColoredThe diamond is composed of Pieced Hexies you will find in Pieced Hexies book.

And then I took the diamond to the medallion design.

01.02DiamondMedallionColoredAnd with the ease of Illustrator v6 I took the diamond design to a bit more of a mock up of a quilt setting. 01.02DiamondQuilt

I hope you find these designs inspiring!

I have one last full day with Em today and it will be a “snowed into the office” day as we are expecting another 6-10″ of snow.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it.

Off to learn some more.



Introducing Diamonds & Medallions

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Since Pieced Hexies Deux will already have Pieced Hexie Star Patterns in it frees me up to move one to other motifs using Pieced Hexies.

First up I wanted to do something for those who have the “Ring Around The Hexies” book.     So this design is composed of BOOMER, blanks and 50/50s.   As always you will need the book for instruction on how to make the hexie.



Let’s first start with a  diamond motif.

The diamond is pretty much a staple in hexie quilts and this design pattern can be dropped into any pattern you find on the internet.

As I have said before ANY Pieced Hexie can be substituted into ANY traditional hexie pattern ….thus the design possibilities are endless.



Sidebar: I decided to name these Diamond/Medallion PDF patterns by the date they are released on the blog.  Since they (note I said they….yes the pattern book of this is already pages deep) will span all three books it will be up to you to read the top paragraph/or corresponding blog to find out if you can make this design with the books you own.   Of course if you own all three (at this time that would be Pieced Hexies, Ring Around the Hexie, and Pieced Hexies Deux (Jan release) then you are all good.  I won’t post any PDFs using “Deux” designs until late January.

So once I had the diamond designed I wanted to take it to the next level, a center medallion.

To do so you need to drop one of the ends of the diamond and make a center ring of hexies in the traditional double rosette pattern for it to link up to.

YES! You could do this first ring of center hexies using ANY Pieced Hexies designs.  I am leaving them blank at this time for sanity sake.  🙂

BoomerDiamondMedallionv4Here is were I am at with a center medallion.   The pdf gives you coloring sheets for both the diamond and the center medallion.   You will find it on my PDF page…click PDF at the top of this page.  Scroll down until you find the new section for Diamond/Medallion patterns.   ENJOY!

You can take the leap to your large hexie quilt.  I know you can.  Jump in the waters fine.

Off to finish the last bit of baking,




New Free PDF Pattern – Blueberry Spice!

Friday, December 13th, 2013

To chase away any Friday the 13th negativity!


I added the PDF for this wall hanging pattern called Blueberry Spice on my FREE PDF page.  Just look at the top of this page for the link. Vlick on BLUEBERRY SPICE under the Quilt Pattern category and you will be able to download it.

This pattern will be added as a 6 hour workshop also.    I am also contemplating making it nine times for a large quilt…..hmmmm.

I need 48 hours in each day…but then I know you all do to.

Piece on!


Can we have a background please?!?

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Finally….a background.

When the idea hit for the Pieced Hexies Stars way back in February  I also envisioned a background…actually several for them.  And then traveling and second book writing and another booklet writing…and well lots of quilty stuff got in the way.

But I had a file filled with some sketches.   And a plan.

Finally last week there was time in my schedule and I set to work.   I have been carrying around the makings for 4 Pieced Hexie Stars – Bonnie since late September on the road.  Making progress with each evening in a hotel.

And then it came to the final ring on the final star and I hit that wall that we all know.  The star sat for one week, then two.  And I knew if I just did a little leap frog and got the sketched background idea into EQ for easy pattern writing later that Star would get done.  And so I did.  And it did. And now this train is moving full steam ahead.

The original plan was to share this next week to kinda coincide with the start of taking preorders for Pieced Hexies Deux (January 2014) release.   But sometimes I don’t have the patience of a saint and I just want your feedback.   So here we go.

DSC07467You’ve see the Star.  I have heard the deep breath intact at the color choices.   But well this is me.  I am not always traditional and I am not always “basic blue” in my choices.  Always expect the unexpected.  I swing wildly from Civil War Repros to what you see here.   Remember back in September when I facebooked (is this a word now?) the picture of the “fish eye” fabric and the citrine yellow fabric that I bought while in St. Louis at The Quilted Fox?   Well here it is.

DSC07469On Saturday I stated pulling background fabrics.   I knew after seeing Pepper Cory’s Peppered Cottons in Houston at Market that they had to be used in this quilt.  These fabrics appear solid but they are not.

DSC07472A close look will reveal that they are woven with two different colors.   So there is a shimmer in person when viewing.  It can’t be see truly on a screen you have to see these in person.  Seek them out…you won’t be disappointed.   sidebar: Wild Angel Studio (that’s my place) will be stocking all colorways by year end.  Merry Christmas to me.

DSC07484Sunday afternoon…let the piecing begin!   DSC07485I am a process sewer.  Confident in my color choices I jumped right in.   The concept is 4 large quilt blocks, more like panels, each to serve as the background for each Star.  So once the Star is appliqued (and note you can use ANY PHStar!) you sew the 4 big blocks together and TA DA! You have a quilt…or a wall hanging in this case.









Here is one block all well…blocked out.  Again a process.











And here are all four blocks…not sewn together but hanging on the design wall so I can get a look at the over all of things.  I like!





And here are the Stars!


One Star is already hand appliqued down.  Another will be done tonight.  And I will prep the last two tomorrow (remove papers , starch edges, pin) and bring them with me for my trip to North Carolina on Thursday.  I will also bring the file and start writing the pattern.



My next goal…have pattern and picture of finished top (note I am still under doctor orders of no quilting until the new year) on the website in December.  I hope by the 5th.   I am aiming for it.   I am also adding a workshop that can be booked for as little as 3 hours to as long as 3 days called “Build Your Own Star” or BYOS!…..I know you can all create your own and I can’t wait to see them!

Off to sew,