Castle Wall Arcylic Templates are in the house! (Part Three)

It all started innocently enough this morning at 4:30am when my eyeballs opened on their own.  I was going home on a 10am flight out of Dulles, landing in Chicago at 11:05am, and was going to get home and immediately tackle the third installment of the blog.  My alarm was set for 5:30am but my eyes weren’t waiting.  So up I got and worked on the current Castle Wall block in my backpack.



Shannon, my lovely host with the Cabin Branch Quilters was picking me up to 6:30am (morning traffic is rough in the DC area…I was shocked at back ups at this time)  so there would be no running thru the airport to my gate.

I got there in plenty of time and found a cozy spot and finished off this block.

Yes that is my Barney Purple luggage (carry on) and if might make you smile and even giggle but that luggage proved it’s worth again today.   Read on.


At the appropriate time out gate agent had us line up.  I was a happy camper with my A20 spot.  As a frequent flyer with Southwest I have been finding myself in the first 30 positions as of late.  This perk I will take.

and then…uh oh.   Our gate agent is instructing us to take a seat.  Looks like we have a flat tire. Sept23pic1

I do not grumble.  I am most happy to wait for the plane to be fixed.  I like my planes to be feeling good and all systems working.  So much better to have a flat tire here then when landing in Chicago.

Others were not so happy.

I pulled out another block and started in.

About 1.5hours later the tire was changed and it was time to line up again.  But now with so many passengers being switched to other flights due to missed connections…well this was the roomiest flight I have seen in awhile.

This was my view at approx. 1:20pm today. Sept23pic01

I love Chicago.  I will always be a city girl.

Ok..just a two hours off schedule.  Not bad.  Off to get my luggage.

Only just one purple piece of luggage comes off the conveyor belt…not two.

uh oh.    We wait around for about 15-20 more minutess and then begin to seek help.   Just as I got to the counter at the baggage area when I heard a radio call to the agents that a lone purple bag was discovered at gate 15 that didn’t make it to the cart for the carousel from my flight number.    “That’s mine!” I say.  and the agent chuckles and says…well that was a quick fix.  Yes I agree.

Only problem it took them almost an hour to get my bag from the gate to the baggage claim area and someone “special” had to walk it over.

Seems that someone special got their wheels rollin’ after I tweeted to Southwest 45 mins into the wait that this was crazy.   Even the baggage agent agreed and she cut me a voucher for a future trip (hello Emily!)

Finally on my way home.   After answering  email, processing orders (those not with Castle Wall templates…those will go out on the 29th) and general stuff I finally got to head to the studio and take the pics for this blog.


(Disclaimer…I did not realize my lens was smudged until I loaded the pics in to the computer to write this blog.  But I figure it’s kind of par for the course today and hope you will give me a pass)

This is what a block looks like after sewing it together.  Since it is hand work they can get pretty wrinkled.  Of course I am usually stuffing them into my backpack so mine are always wrinkled.  Thus I give them a few sprays of  Best Press when it’s time to press.


Here is the back.  Not pretty.


But I start in one corner and press the corner triangle out and then move over to the nearest diamond and press it’s seams away from it.

The top and bottom seams of the squares naturally fall in the out position when pressing this way.

I continue around the block pressing the diamonds in this manner and the corners when they are encountered.

Finally I give the center a press and it all starts to look very nice.


Flip it over, give a final press from the front and VIOLA!  The block is done!

I am into the single digits of blocks needed for my quilt now so watch in a week or so for blog posts when I start to put all 56 blocks together.

You can order your Castle Wall Acrylic Templates Set (9″ finished block) in the store on my website.  The next shipment of templates are on their way and only half are spoken for again.  They will ship out on Monday September 29th.

Be sure to check out my professional MDQuilts Facebook page (see the link on the side bar) for daily posts of my blocks and now some of others….the color/fabric combinations are wonderful…sew much fun!

Take Care,



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5 Responses to “Castle Wall Arcylic Templates are in the house! (Part Three)”

  1. Gail in Verona says:

    received my templates on Wednesday and have already kitted a block to hand piece on my trip on Sunday!

  2. TJ says:

    Can these be sewn on machine?? I don’t do much handwork!!! Thanks

  3. Christy says:

    Just another day in Paradise for you I see… been a long time. I hate that fb is keeping us so separated these days… but glad you are doing well =}

  4. Brenda says:

    Trying to get the instructions for the Castle Wall Quilt . . . I did find at first that the web site filled with quilting goodies . . . Can you make up a ‘starter’ kit for me including the templates and the 6″, 7″, 9″ patterns ($25.00) each and what I would need to get started. You let me know the cost of the items and I will pay you with a credit card; once, paid, would you be so kind as to mail it to me? Thank You. Sincerely, Brenda Everett

    I did find info in September’s; I did put into my cart a 6″,7″(?) and 9″ pattern but I not sure how to maneuver around to get the rest of the stuff I need to my cart. Yes, I am embarrass; but you would be so kind to help me; I will greatly appreciate it! Sincerely, Brenda Everett

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