Castle Wall – Acrylic Templates are in the house! (part one)


Sept19pic2Yes! according to the tracking number the next shipment of the Castle Wall Acrylic Templates should be on my doorstep this afternoon. CastleWallBlockSet That means if you are still waiting for your set they will go out ASAP!  About half the order is spoken for so if interested put your order in by tomorrow evening and I will get them out to you Monday morn.

If not due to my travel schedule the next shipping date out will be September 29th.

Sept19pic3To order head over to my store page here.

As you may or may not know I recently shifted gears a bit on the making of my Castle Wall Blocks.   Still handsewn, still my 2014 On The Road project.  Just preparing my fabric using acrylic templates to mark my cutting and sewing guidelines.

Have I mentioned how much I love handwork, whether it be sewing, English paper piecing, knitting, crochet…if my hands are busy I am happy girl.  And these templates make this project totally portable , even the block prep part.

So let’s cover that part.Sept19pic4


Marking:  I have a phletora of marking pens, all different colors of gel pens, a few Sakura gelly pens (white-grey- yellow) and of course a good old fashion sharp pencil .  Each tackles a different type/color of fabric when I choose to use it.  So gather up several marking utensils and keep them together so they are always readily available.


Keeping your fabric stable when marking.   I like to use a sheet of freezer paper tacked down to the front side of my fabric by the heat of my iron.  Since I do a lot of projects using freezer paper, ie needle turn applique…yes I love the “A word!”, I buy it in the 8×11 sheets.  But you can just tear off a strip from the roll you pick up at the grocers, that will work.Sept19pic6

Different fabrics/fabric backs all for different pens.

I could only find “sparkle grey” in the Sakura pen when I was purchasing so until a solid grey is found this is what I use.    Oh pretty!

Make sure you mark those corner intersections of your sewing guidelines.  Those will be important when lining up your pieces.

Sept19pic1I forgot to take pictures late last night as I was cutting out all my pieces.  It is important to be as accurate as possible when cutting but if you nip a bit off it’s ok as long as you have your sewing guideline accurately drawn.  This will be covered in Part Two of this blog.

I kitted up the final 9 blocks needed for my quilt.  Yes I am into the single digits!  My hope is to have all 56 blocks done by October 3rd.   I have a lot of travel on my docket between now and then so I think I can reach this goal and be sewing the center of my top together soon.

So this is where I am presently on this block.

I will sew as fast as I can today  and will have Part Two of this blog up before I head out to the airport on Sunday morn. Sept19pic8

 I am loving the wavy plaid of the blue print in the diamonds one of my all time favorites!

Enjoy your day,


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5 Responses to “Castle Wall – Acrylic Templates are in the house! (part one)”

  1. Carole Sullivan says:

    WONDERFUL–I am assuming the next part is the assembly—thanks for permitting me time to cut and get ready! 🙂 you make it look sew easy—I, too, love hand work and idle hands are just not for me!

  2. Rita Smith says:

    So glad that you showed this about the freezer paper. I am actually using my charms because I have so many! Of course, I ironed the freezer paper on the back side instead of front… duh! Looking forward to see how you actually sew it together. I love needle turn applique so I am sure I will love doing this Castle Wall!

  3. Kaye Tufton says:

    this looks like something difficult, but once i get started it may not be. do i have to trace each piece , cut then sew. can i use the sewing machine?

  4. […] covered already under the general info blogs at the beginning of the year and a very detailed blog here (yes it is for the Castle Wall block but the same info applies to all blocks).  But you will find […]

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