Autumn Pumpkin Harvest

I am off to Houston on Thursday and in the usual mad scrabble of my life I am busy “getting things done” while I can at home.

But guess what I finally cleaned off enough space on my phone (I need a new one and that will be happening soon too) to download the new blog app that will work with my new format of my website. (fingers crossed).

And so I hope to be able to post much more frequently with short daily insights into life.

Currently you can find most of this type of quips on my Pieced Hexies with Mickey Depre facebook page.   Plus some giveaways, pattern info, and just general quilty happiness. I hope you will join me there too.


In clearing out my email I ran across a message that came in during my heavy travel time earlier this month.    A lovely email telling me that she just downloaded my Autumn Pumpkin Harvest Table Runner pattern from Craftsy and she loved it so much she was going to make two one for herself and another to give away as a gift to her Thanksgiving hostess.

Reading this email…even three weeks later…don’t know how I missed it…really made my day.

Thanks Lyndsey in Iowa! 

Ok…back to getting more stuff done.

Tomorrow I attempt a mobile post….wish me luck







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