A Winner, A Quilt, and a Tease

….walk into a bar….LOL.

Doesn’t that title just feel like a set up to a bad joke.

Well no joke in this blog.

First a winner!

CAROL mom to Annie, Greta and Cadeau you are the Sit & Stitch pattern/fabric winner!

Now on to a quilt.  Or rather quilt top.

As I sit work on the illustrations for the next book I give myself incentive breaks.   For example:  When I finish this batch of 25 drawings I can peruse eBay for a $10 purchase or hold onto said imaginary gift certificate (gc), draw 40 more items and have a $35 certificate.   Or really push it and get a total of 100 drawings done for a $75 certificate.  But if I crack at $35 then it’s back to the beginning.  (note shipping is not included in said imaginary gc)

This helps when the days are long and tedious.

Last week I held out for the $75 gc….and I perused ebay.

And this treasure came home.  And it didn’t cost the entire $75 even with shipping.  (see Paul I am saving money!!…lol)




The box arrived yesterday and I didn’t open it until I was done for the day.

This provided the incentive to get done yesterday.  DOUBLE WIN!





Here it is in all it’s scrappy 30’s glory.

I am in love.  I can’t stop looking at it and all the wonderful feedsacks in the Lemoyne Stars.


Yes those solids are ….ahem…”packers colors”…but I am choosing to ignore that right now and just concentrate on it’s lovely scrappy goodness.




I will be adding a 3-4” border around the edges to stabilize and make it easier to quilt.  I know it will be a solid but still debating the color choice.  I am considering turquoise.  Any ideas?








96OK…blurry pic sorry. I can’t see to the find the one I took before sending this treasure on it’s way so this is swiped from the auction.

Side bar: also love ebay for quirky items.  Found this turn of the century Murad Cigarette Trading Card featuring Hendrix College.  This item is on it’s way to dear son for his office.  Image advertising a college on a pack of cigarettes in today’s world?



Now for the tease. Cathy's Booksmudged

Tuesday a book goes up for giveaway.

Cathy a friend of mine really loves her copy….she has gone thru it already and made all the blocks.  And she is sewing them together into a quilt as we speak…err..I type.

I will post a pic of her awesome quilt for ohhing and ahhing with the giveaway.  no pressure Cath.  Smile

Enjoying a cool and dare I say brisk July day,


5 Responses to “A Winner, A Quilt, and a Tease”

  1. Love the incentive program that you set for yourself – I need to do that!

  2. Carol says:

    WOW! Thanks Mickey.

  3. shilsenbeck says:

    Looks like the maker cut 9 patches in half to make the outer edges. Are the diagonal 4-patches also halved, with no extra seam allowance? A reproduction feedsack style turquoise border seems like a great choice, but maybe it also needs a narrow inner lemon yellow border to correct the spacing. Just a thought.

  4. Shari says:

    I love it when a quilt is rescued. Unusual setting. I agree about the turquoise border. Hope you find just the right fabric.

  5. WIPPYSPLACE says:

    looks like teal to me–has to go with that green and yellow — great buy, though

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