2015 On The Road – Block Four!


Of course the spot on the calendar for this block would of ideally been August. But since we are working with odd number months I decided July it is!   Plus this block reminds me of fireworks.  I think it is the long sharp angles.  It is a powerful design.

Augusta is also the name of my great aunt on my father’s side of the family.  Aunt Gusty as we called her lived a long and full life into her nineties.  She was quite the traveler with two passports jam packed with stamps.   I only wish she lived longer or I was older when our time here on earth overlapped so I could ask her more questions about her travels.    So working on these blocks for the next two months I am sure will be filled with fleeting thoughts of my great aunt for myself.

Five templates are needed for this block.   And the repetitive shapes make for ample opportunities to play with color and texture.   You can see by the block image that I have chosen to put the red color in the outer triangle that makes up the rectangle unit.   Not the obvious triangle(s) that surround the center square.  Sometimes the not so obvious makes a more interesting overall design.

July1pic2I spent two nights kitting up seven blocks to be completed in July and August.   Most likely half these blocks will be done at home in this segment as I typically do not book anything in August in the way of work travel.  I do have one overnight gig in August but it is truly just one night so I am giving myself permission to do a few while “on the road”  in the gazebo in the backyard or even while watching a movie while escaping the heat of August indoors at home.

        The Acrylic Template sets, and English Paper Piecing sets (one and six blocks) are in the store (see tab above)  and you can order now if you wish.

And since this block release coincides with Fourth of July Holiday Celebrations

I am offering free shipping on all orders over $50 until midnight CST on July 5th.  

Just use the code: JULY4TH as you checkout.


I hope you like this block and will join along with us on my facebook page as blocks are created and posted/shared for all to see.  I just love seeing them all!

I will begin posting the “how to” blogs on July 6th.  Since this is the first year in almost a decade that Paul has the true holiday off we plan to spend it barbequing and firework watching like the rest of the country.   Time off with family and friends is always time well spent.  So I hope you don’t mind that I am going to hold off a few days before I post (and answer) any how-to questions you may have.    And if you order your templates/papers before I shut down shipping on Friday morn at 10am you might even have them in hand for when the how-to’s begin to post.

Happy July 4th Everyone!


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