• In need of a Curling Fix STAT!

    Posted on February 9, 2014 by Mickey in Around the House.

    7b05b18e9e8b2e95cbc265587b1ed9e3Last night Bob Costas announced that coverage of curling would begin today at 2am.

    I decided right then to go to bed at 9pm and set my alarm for 2am CST to watch.


    It begins tomorrow.

    6d4adbb0776865f7b6e6be1d43f6a5c2So I am up now watching women’s hockey (not a bad substitute but still not curling) at 2am.  Sweden vs Japan.   I won’t post any scores or highlights as not to spoil it for anyone.

    I was so pumped to get my curling fix started this morning.  I don’t know what it is about this sport that has captured me so.   But every four years I am glued to the TV to watch stones being guided across the ice with subtle flicks of wrists and at times frantic brushing of brooms to a scoring bulls eye with a fever usually reserved for hockey.  imagesCAS2EELH

    It’s been described as chess on ice with all the strategic plays of blocking and bumping with the goal of swooping in on the last stone and literally “checkmating” your opponent with one nicely placed stone.  It is believed curling started in Scotland and paintings as early as the mid 1500s depict curling games.

    Every four years I declare that I am going seek out this sport locally and learn to play.  Four years ago I found a curling group on the north side of Chicago.  And while it may be only 30 miles away it means a few hours  (roundtrip) in the car so close but yet so far.

    I have found a great curling game on Wii and so I continue to curl virtually in my own living room.  I know that it is a weak substitute but for now it is as close as I can get to gliding my own rock on ice. imagesCAX68Z0Q

    I am loving how teams of late are using their attire to stand out and make a statement.  Will Team USA make such a fashion statement this year?

    Tomorrow at 2am the fun begins.   I think I will break out a Castle Wall block kit to celebrate.  After all the ring of the block kinda looks like a curling stone.

    Go Team USA!



    p.s. Oh wait…there was one more image I found when on my quest for this post.   Obviously curling has found it’s way into the promotional calendar business.   I do so enjoy this sport.   Who will be joining me at 2am Monday morning?


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  1. Jennifer says:

    We like to watch curling too and there is a club here that we agreed yesterday we will go visit sometime soon. I would happy put that calendar up in my sewing room

  2. Gwen W says:

    Love curling! Thanks for the tip on the Wii game! Gonna have to try that one!

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