• Hobby Lobby …..we have a problem.

    Posted on February 24, 2014 by Mickey in Around the House.

    One of the errands on my list last week was to drop by Hobby Lobby to pick up some stickers.

    SewingStickers1If you place an order from my store, or receive written correspondence your going to get a sticker.

    I love them.  And I hope they bring a smile when someone sees them.  I always try to mix it up in my choices.

    For years there was a favorite coffee themed stick sheet but it is long gone.  And then there were some fun buttons one…but alas it to has been discontinued.

    This outing found this packet.


    I snapped up the three remaining…grabbed some monkeys (always a fav), a sheet of St. Paddy’s day, and some Easter and headed to the register.

    One must remain on task and focused when in Hobby Lobby or the register tape grows with each minute in the building.  At least in my case. SewingStickers2

    Once in the car I took a good look at the stickers and laughed out loud.

    Uh…Hobby Lobby…we have a problem.

    This is a sewing pack of stickers.  Indicated by the LARGE sticker saying SEWING.

    Apparently the graphic artist in charge of this collection was a bit confused.   I see knitting and crocheting in there too.   Which in the long run really isn’t a problem for me since I do enjoy those crafts to.  BUT it is an error.

    imagesAPCUA5JNMuch like the infamous Northern Toilet Tissue ad error in the late 1990s where they had their cartoon ladies quilting with knitting needles.  OOPS!

    Northern Tissue was flooded by calls from quilters telling them of their grievous error.

    Trying to decide if this is worth tracking down the phone number.

    What do you think?



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  1. Peggy Marine says:

    My first thought was the word sewing is a sticker not indicated of the entire package of stickers. Either way it is nice of you to include a sticker with your orders.

  2. anita lansberry says:

    “sewing” is just a sticker like “quilting” and “threads” They’re all needlework. I think most quilters are into other crafts and needleworks too. I wouldn’t be disappointed in any receiving any of the stickers.

  3. I’m with you, Mickey. I’d have to contact them and inform them of the error. Go for it!

  4. Pam Morris says:

    Mickey — I am gettig to order from you – sometime this week. I am trying to fnish up a quilt first. But when you fill my order, I would the knitting sticker. I think it is awesome and appears to be the largest in the pack!!!!

    Also, thank you for the recent book. That was a surprise! You had already sent me the collaboration book. You are more than generous.


  5. Sherie Nelson says:

    I think it’s funny and to me sewing is NOT knitting and crocheting.

  6. Linda Hall says:

    I wouldn’t shop there because of their biased and unfair employment practices.

  7. Leslie says:

    Hey Mickey! I work at HL. Probably not worth your time to fight for this one! Hard to tell who supplies the stickers to HL and hard to tell what country they came from!! They will thank you nicely for calling it to their attention and that will be the end of it. Funny though – I will mention it to my boss!!

  8. Sherry Starr says:

    I think I agree with everyone about it being related. It would not bother me if I got a knitting or crochet sticker on my order

  9. Lisa says:

    I can’t decide how to tell Menards that on their TV commercial where the words “sold separate” is spelled “sold seperate”

  10. Kathy Isaacks says:

    Reminds me of the guys on This Old House who advertise their channel saying “you could learn to quilt” (or something like that) and hold up a knitted/crocheted throw. Drives me crazy!

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