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    Posted on February 5, 2014 by Mickey in Inklingo.

    I have been home for a few days and literally been digging out both from two bouts of snow (not complaining) and from a swarm of emails regarding 2015 bookings.

    At this time there is just room for one or two more bookings in 2015 and it will be closed.  Just a heads up.

    I can hardly believe that two 2016 contracts have already been signed and one guild asked about 2017 saying that their members were so excited about Pieced Hexies Deux they are talking a weekend retreat of just Pieced Hexies!!    OH MY!   It’s those emails that go into the extra special “save” folder for me to read years from now when I am in the old age home.   😀

    I have been busy busy busy here at Chez Depre.  I almost have quilt top number #3 done for the next book , #4 is kitted for one the road sewing in March, and #5 is designed and fabric is being pulled.   There is truly alot going on in the studio.

    I am also gearing up on a pile of handwork to get me thru my beloved upcoming Winter Olympics.   I can’t believe it all starts tomorrow.   Longtime readers may remember that I am an over the top Olympic fan with the winter games by far my favorite.   One event that I absolutely love to watch…curling.  What event is a can’t miss for you?




    On the handwork pile I did place a kitted up block of Castle Wall.  While it’s truly not “On The Road” I thought getting another block on the design board would be nice.   I did finish up the Shipshewana block.  The yellow rose fabric makes that center just pop!

    Here are my two finished blocks together.


     Yes I think this block is going to make a very striking scrappy quilt.

     Notice the center of each block is the same fabric just a different color way.

    I have one more color way to use it is a cream background. I haven’t printed any octagons yet in that fabric so it my be a month or so before you see any of those blocks.

    I don’t have a plan as of yet for the finished quilt setting.   I figure as the number of blocks grow on the design wall I can play around with putting them on point etc and the plan for setting them will be created.

    For now I am just happy to make the blocks.

    I hope a few of you are also making Castle Wall blocks with me or might be considering it.  Don’t forget Inklingo’s special pricing of the Castle Wall Collection at $20 is good to February 15th.  Wouldn’t it be a fun new project to get started on during the Olympics for yourself.  And come to think of it the circle in the block fits right in with Olympic memories too!  If you are making Castle Wall blocks please email me pics of your blocks…would love to share them on the blog!

    I have received quite a few emails of late asking me about upcoming engagements.  And since I don’t post this info on my website for personal reasons I thought I might do a blog a month or so giving some upcoming engagements.  Hopefully this will help those who wish to know and please still feel free to email and ask any time.  I am happy to answer those to.


    February 12th will find me just outside Milwaukee Wisconsin lecturing for the West Suburban Quilt Guild .

    February 20th, 21st and 22nd has me hanging with the girls from the North Suburban Quilt Guild in Schaumburg, Il .  I will be lecturing and teaching two workshops.  There is some space in Friday’s workshop -Hello Hexie! Mug Mat but not sure about Saturday’s Pieced Hexies Buffet.   Please email me for guild contact info if you are not able to find it on the website.

    March 6th, 7th & 8th I will be in Bloomington Indiana for the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show.  I am returning after a few years and can’t wait.  This is an awesome show and since I am driving there will be room to help the vendors relocate some of their wares.  Yippee!!

    • Here is my teaching schedule:
    • Thursday – Pieced Hexies Buffet  (last update told me there was just one spot left!)
    • Friday  – Charm Pack Wildflowers (this is such a fun & easy yet individually creative class!)  we are close to 2/3rds full so don’t dilly dally as there is always a rush the last week of signups.
    • Saturday – Hello Hexies Table Runner!   All the basics will be covered in this workshop and of course since I have the Pieced Hexie quilts with me for Thursday’s class I will bring them for show -n tell.

    I am going to work on a new medallion this week to.   So excited now that Pieced Hexies Deux is out I can start unveiling designs the use both books.  You know what they say…more is better!  Off to sew! design, write and sleep (sleep is good).





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  1. Deborah DeBerry says:

    I would like for you to advise me about what I need to start hexies from your shop. I would like to get the Pieced Hexies book, but feel I should probably get some templates too. Will you tell me what I need. I have watched several videos, one from the Quilt Monkey on QNN for piecing hexies. I think I can do it. I certainly want to try. I realize you may be too busy now, but if you get a few minutes, just a quick list would help me. I’d like to place an order sometime this month. Thanks for all you do to inspire others with the beautiful work you do.

    • Mickey says:

      Hi Deborah,
      I suggest you buy the book and some papers…the 1.5 inch size needed are still a bit hard to find in shops. Maybe a pack of needles if you don’t have any hand needles at the ready. The templates are useful but not necessary. In fact in my class I ask my students to actually make at least one rosette using the “mark your own papers” instructions in the books before they switch to the templates (if they have them) so that they can really understand the process. I hope this helps and please feel free to email me with any questions you have …always happy to answer.

  2. Paula says:

    Just got my order from you today in the middle of a snowstorm. Let it snow!! I am going to sew! I feel so hexie! Thanks for being so creative and sharing with us.

  3. Robin Love Lehr says:

    I too am a avid Olympics fan. We also love curling! Love making hexies, haven’t tried the pieced ones yet but plan on it. Already have your first book and want to get the 2nd one. Happy Piecing, Robin

  4. Candy says:

    I so enjoy your books and posts on-line. Thank you for keeping us smiling every day?

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