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    Posted on February 2, 2014 by Mickey in Inklingo.

    YAY! It’s time to sew my first Castle Wall block by hand.

    Remember you can machine sew the block.  And I will most likely machine sew the top together when it comes to that time.  But for now I am happy to hand sew the blocks.

    Here we go. CWblock1

    First up…where do you start.  Well there really is not absolute correct starting point in hand sewing.  Each block semi dictates it’s own pattern.  So I chose to sew this block by hand the same way I would if I were sewing it by machine.  I broke the block down into units.

    There are four corner units that consist of  a half square triangle, a trapezoid, 2 diamonds, and a square.

    I chose to make these units first.

    Half Square Triangle to Trapezoid.

    TIP TIP TIP ALERT! : Sew just a thread or two on the side of the printed seam line towards the outer edge.  In other words hand sew a scant quarter of an inch seam allowance.  There are a lot of seams in this block.  A slightly pudgy 1/4 inch will add up fast to a smaller than expect block.

    CWblock2Ta Da! Look how quick that was.   I used a running stitch with a half back lock. In other words to stitches forward (about a scant quarter inch in total covered) and the a tiny stitch back to lock.

    After a few minutes it feels more natural and like anything the more you do it the fast and more  skilled it becomes.   Hang in there.

    Now I chose to knot off after this first seam because I wanted to add the diamonds and square with one long stitching thread.


    Here we go .   (Note I do not press using an iron at any time.  Finger pressing is all I am doing while sewing the entire block).


    In this picture I have just pinned the upper diamond in place so that you could see my path that I would be sewing.

    Sew on diamond on one side.  Sew on square.  travel back with a loose running stitch and sew second side of diamond to square.  Sew square to one edge of octagon. and finish off this line of thread by sewing second diamond to square and then to trapezoid.   You may wonder why I traveled back rather that knotted off.  The trapezoid/square seam is so short I would of actually used more thread to knot off then I did by traveling back.  Sometimes is ok to travel with a loaded needle and thread.   ‘nuf said.



    Here I am almost half way done.  I just keep making units (corners or centers which are only trapezoids and squares) and just keep working my way around the center octagon.


    I am truly loving this.






    The block is done.

    Not pressed.




    I lay the block down with the back side towards me and see that pressing the center octagon outwards and the diamond in the same manner is the way the block wishes to be.

    And you saw it in the fist blog…here it is again.   Block #1 of my Castle Wall quilt.


    Is it perfect.


    But then neither am I.

    I am very happy with it.

    And by the time you are reading this blog I will hopefully be back at home after my road trip to Shipshewana, Indiana and I should have another block done to share with you this week.

    Enjoy your day,


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    castle wall

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  1. Connie Barrow says:

    Wow Mickey you did a great job hand stitching those pieces. It intimidates me thinking about hand stitching. You made it look pretty simple. Think I might just have to give it a try. I’ve not make a quilt yet. I do enjoy other needles work.

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